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Preventing Sleep 1.0.5 updated

Preventing Sleep already release 1.0.5

What’s New:

Low battery is turning off sleep prevention

Prevent process list to get more detial

Bug fix

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Screenshot Default

The APP can change Mac built-in tools “Screen Capture” setting that the file type and save path, so you press the hotkey:

      • Command Shift 3
      • Command Shift 4

After the screen capture directly saved to your specified path file type


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Proportion Calculate

Proportion Calculator is an App with build-in high-speed proportion calculation service ; such as, discount calculation, screen proportion, unit price ratio. What's more, this App also supports four fundamental operations of arithmetic.
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Preventing Sleep

Preventing Sleep is a display and system sleep prevention APP.

When the power saving needs to be started,Preventing Sleep can temporarily cancel the power saving settings (like:system or display) until you turn off.
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